About our Scholarships:

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The Tomorrow Fund awards annual scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate programs at public and private accredited colleges, universities, or community colleges in North Carolina. The scholarship is not available for graduate or post-graduate education. The scholarship can be used to cover the costs of tuition, required fees, books, room and board, or other required educational expenses (such as a laptop) with prior approval. Scholarship amounts will be determined based on the funding available and payments will be sent directly to the educational institution on the student’s behalf, not to the student directly.

Eligibility Criteria:
Students must be nominated by their post-secondary institution in order to receive this award. To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, be from a low-income background, and be self-identified
  • as a Hispanic/Latino immigrant or first-generation U.S. citizen
  • Attended (for at least two years) and graduated from a North Carolina high school
  • Admitted to a North Carolina accredited college, university, or community college, preferably
  • enrolled fulltime
  • First generation in his/her family to attend college in the United States

Important: This scholarship is to be used to supplement the student’s financial aid package after all possible awards are made to the student. An institution should demonstrate that they are providing some level of institutional funds for any student nominated for Tomorrow Fund support. The Fund does not wish to support a student if an institution is unwilling to financially invest in them as well.  Students cannot be supported by this scholarship if, after all aid is applied, including support from The Tomorrow Fund, the remaining unmet need exceeds the student’s and his/her family’s ability to pay.